Create your own Opt Ins List with our software

Surpass the DND registry and send SMS to all your opt-ins customers.

Don't let DND customer come between you and your customers.

Add your customers to opt-in and let them receive your SMS.

With VasudevSMS, you can create and update your own opt-in customer list based on your customers' request. Leverage your customers to subscribe and un-subscribe at any given point of time by sending a simple SMS to your inbox. Be it a cafe sending promotional offers or a stock advisory company sending stock alerts and notifications, our Opt - Ins group creation will help you to reach your targeted audiences.

Opt-in list

An Opt - In group is a database of customers that are willing to hear directly from you.These customers will be able to receive all your messages i.e. Promotional and Transactional irrespective of their DND preference.

Adherence to TRAI's Policy

Our system constantly tracks the subscription of your Opt - In list adhered with the set regulations. The database of your opted - in customers will be receiving regular updates to renew their opt-in preference. In case, if they fail to renew their opt-in preference within 180 days, then they will automatically get removed from the same.

Start using your own Opt Ins Group to reach out your audience

vasudev orgnise Organise groups

You can update and organise your opt in groups based on contact numbers or Dynamic field data.

vasudev name Select Send Name

Choose a default name which shows up as a Sender ID for all the messages sent to your opted customers. For Eg. VASUDV

Automated Reminders

Send periodically automated notifications or reminders to your opted list of users.