Easy & Simple yet Powerful SMS platform

Enhance your Marketing strategy, Customer Engagement & Retention campaigns with our Simple yet Powerful Platform.


Know how VasudevSMS can help your Enterprise Grow

SMS campaign have more than 98% open rates and they are read in less than 3 minutes from the time it's delivered. This makes SMS one of the most effective and efficient marketing medium when compared with other social media channels to reach your preferred demographics and interact with them. If you are a start up or a Big Corporate you will reap remarkable growth and can improvise you customer engagement by sending or receiving SMS via our API module, Mobile App or Web Panel.

Create one of the most engaging SMS marketing campaign

Processing your Bulk campaign with no meaningful insights can be very frustrating. However, VasudevSMS provides you all the essential features that are required to gain reasonable insights about your campaigns performance.

VasudevSMS brings unmatched visibility to your Bulk SMS campaigns performance. Through our web-panel, you can easily identify and track the SMS campaign and numbers of SMS that are delivered to the end user.

  • Create the Perfect Content: Focus on how can you make your content more interactive with your clients. For Example, What should an Online Shopping Portal talk through SMS - Live Offers, Returns, Order Tracking. Should a dining restaurant make aware about the upcoming events and discounts offered? If you are a website or software development company then you should conduct a A/B testing survey to know the preference of your targeted audience. Send, Evaluate, Analyse and Repeat.
  • Know the best time to reach your audience: Decide which is the best day and time of the week or month to process your Promotional campaign in order to get desired results. For Example, #FunFriday or #PeppyWednesday
  • Gain Insights about your audience: VasudevSMS can provide a detailed understanding about your targeted demographics via reports which includes time of click and type of device - browser, resolution, OS.
  • Quick, Easy and Simple to send a personalized text with multiple merge fields.

Send SMS Campaigns Your Customer finds Interesting

Rise above the simple local SMS. Using VasudevSMS Simple yet powerful Webpanel you can modify your Bulk SMS campaign in minutes.

  • Supports more than 15+ languages
  • Option to schedule your SMS delivery
  • Strategize your SMS in Groups
  • Send SMS with attachments, short urls, survey and more.

Enhance your Customer Experience

SMS that are not delivered on time can cost you your potential customer. So, to enrich you customer experience, engagement and retention the delveriability and speed of the SMS plays a vital role.

  • Our direct connections with top-notch operators, smart routing and robust infrastructure guarantees reliable delivery rates and speed for all your campaigns.
  • Send timely SMS alerts, reminders and notification to your customers to increase and improve you conversion rates. VasudevSMS can guide you to automate such texts directly from your application or software by using our simple and easy APIs.
  • Measure and Improve customer satisfaction promptly by collecting customer feedback via VasudevSMS.